It's late, shouldn't your kids be asleep?

Make sure they are...with Goodnight.

What is Goodnight? Bedtime-iPad-logo

Goodnight is an app that will allow you to monitor if your child is on their mobile device when they shouldn’t be. With your account you can setup your child’s bedtime and wake time. Then you simply install the app on your child’s device, login with your account and set the device to your child’s name. From that point on the device will be monitored.

Goodnight will alert you if your child is on their mobile device after their assigned bedtime. Think your child is smart enough to remove the application? Once installed and setup, if the app is deleted you will be emailed letting you know that the app’s “heartbeat” has not been received.

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Monitor your kids

When it's your child's bedtime you expect them to be sleeping. But in today's day of technology it's so easy for them to pick up a mobile device, surf the web or chat with friends. Find out if this is happening with Goodnight.

Cross Platform Compatible

Goodnight works on both iOS and Android based devices. If your child is on an iOS device, and you have an Android phone - no problem. You will still get the notification or email.

We check for a heartbeat

Not your child's heartbeat, but the app's heartbeat. If the app is setup on your childs phone and then deleted, not to worry. You will be emailed or push notified that the application heartbeat has stopped, meaning your child deleted the app from their device.

Know now!

Goodnight can either send you an email when your child's phone has been used, or you can find out immediately with push notifications. As soon as your child uses their phone you will be notified on your mobile device saying which child was on their phone and at what time.

Set different Weekday and Weekend times

Goodnight allows different bed and wake times for the weekday and weekends. Don't want your children using their mobile devices first thing in the morning before school? No problem. Have different rules on the weekends? Also not a problem!

Setup all your children in one account

As the parent account, you can setup all of your children, whether one or twenty. Just tap the + button to add another child's bed and wake times. Alerts will always specify which child is on their device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I install Goodnight? Useful! Not useful!

    Goodnight needs to be installed on both the parent's device and on at least one child's device. These devices do not have to be the same platform (so iPhone to Android or visa versa). On the parent device, make your account. Set up your kids' names, bedtimes and wake times. Then, on your child's device, sign in the same way you did on the parent's device. Choose Child from the beginning menu and choose the right child.


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  • What if my child deletes the app from their device? Useful! Not useful!

    Your kids are smart. We have no doubt about that. But adults are smarter. If your child deletes the app from his or her device, you are notified. You will receive an email that the app's heartbeat has not been heard in 24 hours. This is a clear sign that your child deleted the app from the device.


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  • What's the price for Goodnight? Useful! Not useful!

    Goodnight is $2.99 on the App Store.
    You will have to purchase a copy for each device you wish to install Goodnight on. If you are running iOS 8 you can use Family Sharing.


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  • What devices does Goodnight work on? Useful! Not useful!

    Goodnight works on any iOS 7 or 8 device (iPhone and iPad), and Android devices (both phones and tablets).


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